Sunday, July 24, 2011

A little bit on the braves at the trade deadline

I don't really think the braves are going to make any big moves before the trade deadline. I think the major moves will be made when the season is over.
Derek Lowe is the piece the braves would love to move because his contract is pretty large and the depth at pitcher for the braves is incredible. I believe the tigers and Yankees are probably the two most interested teams.
I don't think Carlos Beltran would be a smart move for the braves. we would hav to give up a major prospect and would lose him after this season and would have to face the pitcher for years to come and only have Beltran a couple months.
I do think that Frank Wren is interested in each oakland outfielder. Years ago the braves were looking into a trade for coco crisp but it didn't work out. He would provide a true leadoff hitter but I'm not sure what the A's would want. The Braves were also interested in Dejesus last season and would probably like to pick him up this year. I'm sure Wren has interest in willingham but I think another team will get him first.
Like I said I don't believe the Braves will make a major move until the offseason,but Wren isn't the most predictable guy. With so many contenders the trade deadline will be interesting.
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